Thursday, October 14, 2010

Strange Encounters: Jack of the Lantern Rising part 4

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  1. A note from the creator: The story you are now reading was written over 3 months ago based on a character created over 5 years ago. With the recent overt rise in hate crimes and bulling against homosexuals in recent months and the death of Tyler Clementi, I seriously have been debating over the last few weeks how to proceed with this story.

    I have wanted to shy away from political topics in my Strange Encounters stories, but the theme of this project is (what I deem to be) good versus evil. Thus reflecting on that goal I have decided to do this story as originally planned. I will be using words such as “homo” and “queer” that some may find offensive. These words can be, as they can be used to be both hurtful and hateful.

    With this story I hope to show that the alternative to hurt and hate is acceptance and understanding. I hope to introduce a positive homosexual hero. Mostly, at the end of it all, I hope that this story might help someone who has doubts about themselves to show that there are people out there that do care and will accept them and love them for who they are.

    I ask that you, the reader, just please just keep reading and see how this plays out before casting judgment on the story.

    Thank you,