Friday, January 4, 2013

Some more 2012 Leftovers

5"x7" Marker
Newsie Hands 5"x7" Pen and Ink

"RagBoy and Hands vs the Chupacabra" 11"x14" Pen and Ink

Fun Commissions for a Kid

These are two commissions I did for a kid at the Albany Comic Con. He loves Captain America and the Hulk, so I had some fun with both.

Captain America Action 5"x7" Pen
Hulk Dance 9"x12" Pen and Marker

Two Animal Portraits

These are two 5"x7" animal portraits I did  for the Holidays.

Pen and Marker

Pen and Marker

Some Left Overs of 2012

RagBoy as a cute 'lil Voodoo Doll. 5"x7"Pen and Ink

A young Thief. 5"x7"Pen and Ink

A color test version of my Dwarf Warrior.

A Wizard. 5"x7"Pen and Ink

Kat Carson Pin-Up

I did a pin-up near the very end of last year that appears in Dan Nokes' webcomic "The Reptile and  Mister Amazing: The Return of Kat Carson". I was asked to draw Kat Carson, a WWII hero that who is a super soldier cat.

My rough pencil sketch.
Final image hand inked with border added in Photoshop.