Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Strange Encounters: The Jersey Devil Part 1

Here are the first five pages of my first webcomic! Enjoy and any feedback is welcome.


  1. This is the first adventure of RagBoy and Hands McGee as a team. There is a story on how they meet coming soon, and their origins will be up this weekend. This story kind of jumps in on some things but you will pick them up soon enough. Please enjoy.

    I know things aren't perfect on this. I have nit picked over the line work because of my crappy scanner, the way I did the colors, the fonts used for the lettering, everything. But the first story is done. I left a lot of the flaws in this as a reminder of what to fix. Just take them as part of the art and story.


  2. also, the song used on the first page is Race With The Devil by the Stray Cats. You can find the lyrics here. http://www.metrolyrics.com/race-with-the-devil-lyrics-stray-cats.html

  3. Love it!!! So glad to see Hands and Ragboy in action! <3